Leaders of 2020

Landi Jac - Managing Editor of LEAD Magazine (www.lead-magazine.com) showcases the upcoming magazine and the leaders that have made a massive difference across the world despite Co-Vid.

  • Graeme Clegg - Chairman New Image Health - on his journey from sheep shearer to an OBE for his services to health
  • Sarah Belkner - The Artists Journey as an Entrepreneur
  • Paul ter Wal - The Future of the Speaking Industry
  • Philippe Guichard - $200M designer and TedX Revolutionary
  • Omran Matar - Doing Business in Russia in 2020
  • Lenora Billing-Harris - The formula for Inclusivity
  • Dr Nilda Perez - Packaging and Designing Your Future Self
  • Filipo Levi - Samoan Rugby & Leadership: The HAKA formula
  • Herve Franceschi - Horse Whispering and CEO Leadership
  • Kris Ericksen - The Life & Purpose of an Award-Winning Designer
  • Meng Chwen - Young Entrepreneur X Factor - Gen Z
  • Hani Du Toit - Diversity rocks but Inclusion rules
  • Pece Goegievski - Creating Global Dialogue

This action-packed hour gives a snapshot into some of the brilliance from these individuals. You can read it all at www.lead-magazine.com 




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