Hani du Toit will be our guest this week on the Global Intelligence Update.  Hani will be talking about A world of Belonging - A Human Approach.

She will share her Knowledge and Intelligence on:
  • Alternatives to being Right
  • The Secret to co-creating true Belonging
  • Uncovering diversity as an access to connection

**About: **Hani is an Inclusion specialist, Conversational Intelligence Coach and founder of The Leadership Factory. She holds qualifications from UCT, UWC, Cambridge University and Worlds Business Executive Coaching. She was recently selected as a facilitator for UN Women, empowering leaders in war torn countries. Hani is passionate about building bridges, sparking connection and creating belonging among people who perceive themselves as inherently different, incompatible and unequal. She is inspired by the possibility of a world in which people can own their diversity while being curious and celebratory of each other's personal and ethnic history, their lived experiences and their vision, their failures and successes and then dream and think in partnership toward the solutions they long for. She is the author of Just Like Me, a children's book recognised by Wits University as a model for writing about inclusion for children, and creator of A World of Belonging, her signature program which unpacks her coaching framework, HUMAN.

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