Our special guest Dave Greenberg discusses 'crisis management' - how to manage crises in your personal or professional life.


Dave better known as Rescue Dave has over 25-years of life-saving experience on the Westpac rescue helicopter.   Dave teaches how to manage crises in your personal and professional lives and what to do when the stuff hits the fan.


In this Global Intelligence Update you will hear Dave speak about:

1. Dave's six R's of crisis management:

  • Reduction - what can we do today, to reduce the impact of something we know might happen what day
  •  Readiness - what resource/training do we need to have/do before the crisis occurs
  • Response - what to do when the crisis actually hits
  • Recovery - how do recover from the crisis, and when do we need to start considering recover
  • Relationships - the importance of pre-crisis relationships
  • Review - identifying lessons and changing behaviour so we don't make the same mistake/s again

2. The first thing I teach aircrew to do when the stuff hits the fan...

3. Decision making during a crisis - how much information is required to make a reasonable decision?

  • Dave will be discussing Colin Powell's 40/70 rule for making decisions and have examples of how I have used it in crisis response.


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