This week on Worldwide Business Intelligence Mike Handcock Discusses Helping different People Differently.


Out of this session, you will learn:

  • How to read a person under 1 minute
  • How to understand someone's dominant buying motive
  • The Law of Opposites

More about Mike Handcock:


Mike Handcock is a remarkable individual with the unique ability to take hand-selected entrepreneurs from their current state to their desired state. As the Chairman and Founder of the Circle of Excellence Group, Mike has built a brand and reputation as a highly respected business professional, mentor and maverick who is well travelled to over 108 countries.

With a heart and powerful message for conscious business leaders, Mike has been performing massively as a professional speaker on world stages. As a pioneering and award-winning entrepreneur, Mike has built a career that benefits thousands of entrepreneurs with his message that advocates, making a difference is as important as making a profit.

Mike’s mission is to build the number one team of conscious leaders on earth through the Circle of Excellence Group and its associated companies. His vision for the world coupled with incredible business acumen, unique life experiences, and sacred wisdom guarantees powerful keynotes to his audiences. His ability to transform mindsets from the stage is backed by a Global Speaking Fellow accreditation at the highest level in the industry, multiple awards in speaking, including receiving a presidential award from the Global Speakers Federation for excellent service to the industry.

His tenacity coupled with deep market knowledge and over 40 years of commercial and cultural exposure worldwide has equipped Mike with the knowledge and wisdom to successfully lead five international companies. His achievements in industry have made him a game-changing pacesetter who is making significant contributions as a sought-after board member of numerous cooperations. In 2020, Mike received the APAC Eco-Conscious Leadership Development Award.

Mike is a best-selling author of books in leadership, professional development and now truth-seeking novels, making much-needed shifts in the business and life strategies of entrepreneurs, cooperations and truth-seekers alike. Mike has also launched two brand new books in 2020 - "Conscious Leadership" as well as "Entrepreneur X-Factor 2nd Edition" - both are Amazon #1 Best Sellers.

He plays and produces rock music for his own business events, which he shares with selected audiences during his travels.

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