Liv Conlon joined us on the Global Social Media Summit and spoke about: How to Build a Personal Brand & Become a Thought Leader in Your Space.


What you will learn from this session:

  • How to Define Your Brand Story & Message
  • How to Create a Supercharged Content Strategy that attracts clients who are dying to work with you
  • How to be Consistently Featured in International Publications

More about Liv:

Not many people can say they’ve started two successful businesses from scratch, built a £1m brand in their teens, travel the world speaking internationally, had dinner with the Prime Minister & won 10 national & international business and entrepreneur awards. And even fewer people can say they’ve done all that – and so much more – before they were 21-years-old. CEO & Founder Liv Conlon, The UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year, tenacious and entrepreneurial to her core left school aged 16 & founded her first business ThePropertyStagers. At 19 she built a £1m brand in an industry that was in it’s infancy so Liv knows a thing or two about building a scalable internationally recognizable business & personal brand.



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