Cathy Mellett joins us on the Global Social Media Summit and shares her knowledge on: So, you need to pivot your business? The minefield of Websites, Digital, SEO, Social media . How to avoid costly mistakes


Cathy Mellett, Keynote Speaker and Digital Marketing Consultant, has been working in the information services industry since 1989, even before the Internet as we know it was around. That gives her an unrivaled body of experience to support client’s online aspirations in an ever-changing digital world. Having already spent 20 years in both advisory and management capacities in information services, Cathy founded Net Branding in 2009. Recognising Social Media’s potential for businesses early. Today, Net Branding provides integrated online solutions to help businesses make more of their marketing opportunities across the digital sphere. “With a strategic and operational management background, I was well aware that the internet was a means to an end; that the underlying business objectives that fuel your foray into the ‘world of the internet’ are the ultimate driver for your business.”


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